Please note this list may be incomplete – I’ll try to keep this updated as much as I can (which is why I switched to wordpress – so much easier to edit than my old page at, but some things will surely fall through the cracks. If you find any obvious error or missing paper, please let me know…

CPU Ray Tracing of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data

Feng Wang, Ingo Wald, Qi Wu, Will Usher, and Chris R Johnson
to be published at IEEE Vis 2019 / TVCG (will provide full cite when published).
[link to pdf]


Direct Ray Tracing of Particle-based Fluid Surfaces Using Anisotropic Kernels

T. Biedert, J.-T. Sohns, S. Schroeder, J. Amstutz, I. Wald, and Ch.Garth
in Proceedings of the Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV), 2018.
[link to pdf]


Pre-blog Papers (2017 and earlier)

I only started this wordpress site in 2017, and haven’t yet gotten to “transitioning” my older papers to this page. However, at least the majority of them should be located at my old homepage at SCI, on .