Preprint of our HPG2018 “Compressed Leaf BVH” (short-)paper…

In the past, I always tried to be good and put accepted papers on the web to share, but usually only as a direct link, that – well – tended to get lost or forgotten very soon. Sure, there’s my “publications” page at SCI, but that required copying the pdf to a magic location on a remote node’s file system, (remote-)editing the HTML files, setting permissions correctly, etcpp … which usually meant this turned into a giant mess … which turned into a “well, I’ll finish that tomorrow”, which … well, you get the point.

So from now on, what I’m going to do is always share accepted papers here on the blog; this not only to makes it way easier to publish those through wordpress, it also means they’ll be more easily findable by google, and, in particular, you can actually post comments and questions to a given paper if you so desired – and even better, I can actually answer them, add updates, etc. Yay!

Anyway, for the first such installment: Here a preprint of our “Compressed Leaf” BVHes (a recent extension to Embree to allow saving memory without losing much performance) that just got accepted at HPG 2018, and will thus be presented at Vancouver. Of course, all the real work in that paper was Carsten’s (I just helped with the writing), so if you have some real questions you’ll probably have to ask him ;-).

Also one note: The version of the paper here is a un-shortened version – it’s basically the originally submitted version with the reviewer’s comments addressed (well, mostly), but without having been shortened down to the 4 pages that it has been allocated as a short paper. As such, I hope it can server as a additional source of information; but note that the only “real” official version will be the short one in the ACM digital library.

With that, here’s the final link to the paper (in PDF) – I hope it’ll be useful!


Another blog ….

…. is probably the last thing the world needs right now – so of course, I just had to sit down and create one!. So if you’ve miraculously found this page, and really have nothing  better to do than reading this – then welcome!

Now of course, those that know me also know that I can be a bit facetious at times… and yes, that intro may fall in this category, too – I just couldn’t stand the auto-generated “and so it begins” that WordPress wanted me to start with. Be that as it may, as with all facetious comments there’s always a grain of truth to it, so “why another blog”? Sure, almost about everybody seems to have one nowadays – some better, some worse – so “why not”? That, however, is only half the truth, because a blog can actually be useful, and I do hope this one will, too.

Before I say anything else, I’ll first have to admit that I’m not actually as new to blogging as this “intro” may suggest: I do actually already write another blog – under a different name, and on a different topic – that WordPress claims has a few hundred visitors a day (I’ll leave it as an “exercise to the reader” to figure out what blog that might be!).

What this blog aims to be…

As with the other blog, I’ll try to use this blog as a medium to share information, mostly around the work I do: updates on papers that got accepted, upcoming tech demos of the work we have done, cool new results we’ve achieved, newly added features that got added to the software projects I work on, and in particular, any sort of  information that didn’t make it into a paper, that a paper wouldn’t be the right medium for, etc; in particular, the  little technical “nuggets” around ISPC, Embree, OSPRay, etc that I believe will be interesting to the users of those technologies, but that simply wouldn’t have made it into any sort of “real” paper.

The latter of those reasons is actually the main reason I finally decided to get busy and start this blog, and the thing I find blogs to be most useful for: Over the course of my now 20 years’ career I’ve now found many different instances where I (or “we”, because usually it’s the work of many!) have done something that didn’t fully work out, or that did work out but wasn’t good enough to ever make it into a paper, or in fact, something that was good enough that it should have been a paper but that we never found the time to write up, or that we did too bad a job to ever get past the reviewers, etc. And in many of these cases, it eventually turned out that many others – often years later – started to look at the same problems, often at least partially re-doing what I/we had done before. Sometimes they did this with better success, sometimes with worse – but every time with a lot of work that could have been saved if only those that came later had had access to the information I/we had already had.

This, in fact, is what I’ll try to convey in this blog: Little things I’ve done – or been doing – that I believe may be of interest, yet that would certainly not make it out in any other form. Inevitably there will be topics and posts that will not be useful for everybody (and maybe a few that won’t be useful for anybody!?), but that I guess is what google’ing and like’ing are for.

All of this said: Welcome to my blog, and I sincerely hope you’ll find at least some useful information in the articles to come!